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Articles about me

Here’s a flattering profile of me from my graduate alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, which is written in the impressive tone that my personal website would be written in if I were less modest.

Also, check out a recent interview (March 2017) I did for Future Left podcast.

One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was when a group of Portuguese comic artists were inspired to name an issue of their comics anthology QCDI after a Jacobin article I wrote (see image, left). You can buy copies of their comic “QCDI #3000: Fear of a Capitalist Planet” from their website here.

I was interviewed for R.J. Eskow’s public radio show, “The Zero Hour With R.J. Eskow.” Listen here.

For the same article (the Jacobin/Salon piece on Burning Man), I was also interviewed on Huffington Post and for Meghan McCain’s radio show America Now!, though neither seem to be online anymore (Many HuffPo video links got broken after they were sold to Verizon, evidently, and McCain’s people have never replied to my request for a copy of our interview).

Critic Finds Starbucks Job Creation Program Ironic,” in Nonprofit Quarterly, about a Dissent article I wrote.

7 Ultra-Rich Companies Who Rake in Profits While Paying Workers Peanuts,” which appeared in the blog Intellectual Center, also references my work.

Silicon Valley’s Libertarian Capitalism and Burning Man,” from University of Exeter geography professor Sam Kinsley’s blog.

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Academic Publications

Societies of Occupy: Scenes from occupied Pittsburgh,” Journal of Urban Cultural Studies vol. 1, no. 1 (March 2014): 155–165.

Interviews and analysis of the evolution of the local (Occupy Pittsburgh) Occupy movement, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

Class, Race and the ‘Working Man:’ Interviews with Occupy Pittsburgh.” (lecture) presented at the Modern Language Association Convention, Boston, January 3, 2013.

Ethnography of the local Occupy Pittsburgh movement, coupled with a rhetorical analysis of the nationwide movement and its evolution. Uses both quantitative and qualitative means to analyze the global movement. Presented in a panel at MLA entitled “Languages of Occupy.”

Humor and Fiction

“Scientifically Accurate Horoscopes” (McSweeney’s)

“Are you Ready for Fuller House?” (The Bold Italic)

“The Night Before Hipstmas” (The Bold Italic)

“The Weirdest Niche Dating Apps” (The Bold Italic)

“The Burning Man Bingo Card” (The Bold Italic)

Written and art-directed by me; illustration and design by Julia Barzizza. See the full version here.

“The Folsom Street Fair Bingo Card” (The Bold Italic)

Written and art-directed by me; illustration and design by Julia Barzizza. See the full version here.

“The Going-Home-For-Thanksgiving Bingo Card” (The Bold Italic)

Written and art-directed by me; illustration by Kelly O’Grady; design by Julia Barzizza. See the full version here.

“The Most Existentially Spooky Places in the Bay Area” (The Bold Italic)

Essay and Journalism

Select Publications:

“Why the Rich Love Burning Man.” (Jacobin, republished in Salon). A mix of research and political criticism based on my own experiences at Burning Man, this was the first Jacobin article to surpass 500,000 unique views, and later surpassed 1,000,000.

“I Went Undercover to a Trump Campaign Debate Party at Round Table Pizza, and I Foresaw the End Times” (The Bold Italic) A gonzo journalism account of a GOP-sponsored debate party in south San José, this feature-length article fuses political commentary with a New Journalism-style essay about the experience.

Against the Crowdfunding Economy.” (Jacobin) A mix of interview and political commentary into the social implications of crowdfunding for artists and those in need.

“Not-so-High Times: What It’s Like Being a Weed Trimmer in the Underground Cannabis Economy.”  (The Bold Italic) I interviewed four women who had worked as cannabis trimmers, and whittled down their stories into a compelling exposé of a sometimes-abusive black market industry.

Keep the Red Planet Red.” (Jacobin) An analysis of the media hype around Elon Musk’s vision for a private Mars mission, and what this says about our collective faith in  democratic, big-science initiatives.

The Starbucks Recovery Act.” (Dissent) A critique of efforts by corporate megaliths to end the recession through philanthropy; a critique of the idea that we should tithe to small business owners so that they may profit.

The Three Bay Areas.” (The Bold Italic) A fictionalized retelling of stories from people from different class backgrounds who live in the bay—my attempt to make sociology compelling to people who might not otherwise be interested, and raise issues of class and gentrification through fiction. This article surpassed 50,000 views.


Design, Illustration and Film

I’ve been commissioned for a number of illustrations, animation and page design projects over the years. I specialize in typography and page design, as well as melding together stock and Creative Commons–licensed imagery to create something new and compelling.

As editor-in-chief I am also the art director of the articles you read on The Bold Italic; occasionally when we have a quick turnaround, you will see my own illustrations.

For more information, commissions and rates, click here.

Composite illustration for “Lights, Camera, Nope,” by Hana Nobel. Typography in InDesign, other effects in Photoshop.

Motion graphic for “Don’t Say Tech Ruined San Francisco” by Dan Moore. Made in Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere and AfterEffects.

Rodchenko Weed Illustration

Illustration for “My Life-Changing Visit to a Cannabis Clinic” by Sarah Browne. I made a vector recreation of the famous Rodchenko print that this is based on (“Books!”) in Adobe Illustrator, typography in InDesign, and filter and effects in Photoshop.

I was the video editor for Festival Stories: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a special video article for  The Bold Italic.

Illustration for “The Tinder Sagas” by Nicole Karlis. No, that is not a real star on the Hollywood Walk.

Illustration for “Why 2017 Might Be Worse Than 2016.”



I’m a writer, critic, and humorist with a day job as an editor at Salon Magazine. Previously, I was editor-in-chief of The Bold Italic. You may have read me in Dissent, Jacobin, Salon, AlterNet or Full-Stop, or heard me interviewed on HuffingtonPost, America Now! Radio with Meghan McCain, or The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow.

My second book, coming out in 2018 from Eyewear Press (UK), is called “A People’s History of Silicon Valley.” It is a brief, polemical people’s history of the region to which my family emigrated in the 19th century; although as the Bay Area gentrified almost all my family was forced to leave the Bay.

I sometimes do basic illustrations, page and graphic design, video editing and motion animation too. Check out my design page for examples.


I have a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and was a former high school science teacher; my first published book was an astronomy book. In college I was a research assistant on a few different astrophysics efforts, including the VERITAS gamma-ray observatory in Southern Arizona; the MILAGRO gamma-ray observatory in New Mexico; a study analyzing how radio waves move through interstellar media can help us infer constituent matter in said media; and cataloguing white dwarf stars for the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab’s (now defunct) White Dwarf Database.

My masters is in Literary and Cultural Studies (Carnegie Mellon) and I am currently in a PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz, albeit on leave. My dissertation work involved cultural studies of bureaucracy and the history of anthropomophic projections in astrobiology. (Some of my Jacobin and Salon articles relate to this.)

Interested in commissioning me? Let’s talk.