I’m a writer, critic, and humorist with a day job as an editor at Salon Magazine. Previously, I was editor-in-chief of The Bold Italic. You may have read me in Dissent, Jacobin, Salon, AlterNet or Full-Stop, or heard me interviewed on HuffingtonPost, America Now! Radio with Meghan McCain, or The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow.

My second book, coming out in 2018 from Eyewear Press (UK), is called “A People’s┬áHistory of Silicon Valley.” It is a brief, polemical people’s history of the region to which my family emigrated in the 19th century; although as the Bay Area gentrified almost all my family was forced to leave the Bay.

I sometimes do basic illustrations, page and graphic design, video editing and motion animation too. Check out my design page for examples.


I have a bachelor’s degree in astronomy and was a former high school science teacher; my first published book was an astronomy book. In college I was a research assistant on a few different astrophysics efforts, including the VERITAS gamma-ray observatory in Southern Arizona; the MILAGRO gamma-ray observatory in New Mexico; a study analyzing how radio waves move through interstellar media can help us infer constituent matter in said media; and cataloguing white dwarf stars for the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab’s (now defunct) White Dwarf Database.

My masters is in Literary and Cultural Studies (Carnegie Mellon) and I am currently in a PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz, albeit on leave. My dissertation work involved cultural studies of bureaucracy and the history of anthropomophic projections in astrobiology. (Some of my Jacobin and Salon articles relate to this.)

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