Here’s a flattering profile of me from my graduate alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, which is written in the impressive tone that my personal website would be written in if I were less modest.

Also, check out a recent interview (March 2017) I did forĀ Future Left podcast.

One of the coolest things that ever happened to me was when a group of Portuguese comic artists were inspired to name an issue of their comics anthology QCDI after a Jacobin article I wrote (see image, left). You can buy copies of their comic “QCDI #3000: Fear of a Capitalist Planet” from their website here.

I was interviewed for R.J. Eskow’s public radio show, “The Zero Hour With R.J. Eskow.” Listen here.

For the same article (the Jacobin/Salon piece on Burning Man), I was also interviewed on Huffington Post and for Meghan McCain’s radio show America Now!, though neither seem to be online anymore (Many HuffPo video links got broken after they were sold to Verizon, evidently, and McCain’s people have never replied to my request for a copy of our interview).

Critic Finds Starbucks Job Creation Program Ironic,” in Nonprofit Quarterly, about a Dissent article I wrote.

7 Ultra-Rich Companies Who Rake in Profits While Paying Workers Peanuts,” which appeared in the blogĀ Intellectual Center, also references my work.

Silicon Valley’s Libertarian Capitalism and Burning Man,” from University of Exeter geography professor Sam Kinsley’s blog.